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Effective giving, effective receiving. An Impact Giving Charity Account for Christians enables donors to give more and beneficiaries to receive more, both with minimum administration.

  Give more   Receive more
  • to your church
  • to mission
  • to Christian workers
  • to those in training for ministry
  • from your supporters
  • from your congregation
  • from those who wish to remain anonymous
  The taxman adds more   We do the work on your behalf

We are a registered charity that has been offering services for Christian giving for over twenty years. The Trustís aim is to support the spread of the Gospel by all practical means, in particular by channeling donations to Christian beneficiaries such as churches, Christian workers, Christian mission and relief work. We are interdenominational and are a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

The Trust does not charge for the services it provides, but asks the giver to consider a donation to cover costs. Our donation-only policy works because we are effective in the administration of your account and we provide a high level of service to those who use us.

Registered Charity No: 296834

Simple, Flexible, Confidential

Making more of your giving