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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to post a form to open a donor account?
Posted forms are still accepted but many people have online bank facilities and we actually prefer you to contact us by email to set things up. We just need your intentions and will supply you with instructions regarding Gift Aid and also details to arrange, in whatever way you like, to set up a standing order with your bank or make a one-off gift.

Please do not delay applying for an account if you have not yet decided on your beneficiaries or do not have their details - these can be set up later, and we can help with the details as we have a register of many Christian organisations.

How much does it cost?
No charges are made for our services, but we do ask that you consider an annual donation to cover the administrative costs of running your account (say 2% of your total account credits for a year). If you are supporting a single project we'll usually arrange a contribution direct with them.

How much tax do I have to pay to be eligible?
You have to pay enough tax each year to cover the amount reclaimed on your giving. This must be based on the tax you individually pay, not that of another person, E.g. your spouse. You will need to inform us if your tax situation changes so that we don't recover tax on your giving if it is no longer appropriate.

Can I have joint account with my spouse?
Because tax recovery is returned for an individual, the Impact Giving Charity Account is set up for the person who made the Gift Aid Declaration. If both partners are taxpayers and want to make use of our services they will both make declarations and have separate accounts. A single account will be created if only one partner is a taxpayer, but we can include both names on the account if this is requested.

Can I change the amount I give?
Yes, but you'll need to instruct your bank direct as we don't have authority with them to adjust your standing order. Here is a draft instruction if your normally write to them, but if you have online banking there is normally a facility to do this.

Please inform us of any changes you make in good time, so that if necessary, alterations to your gifts can also be amended.

You also have the option of occasionally topping up your giving via either cheques or direct bank transfers. Note that for the latter method you will need to ask your bank to quote our reference so that we can identify the payment(s) as yours. Contact us if you need this information.

How do I change my beneficiaries?
Simply email (or write to) us with your amended instructions. We will accommodate them as best we can according to the current funds in your account and the donations you intend to make.

Can I donate to secular charities?
Because we operate your Impact Giving Charity Account for the purpose of maximising Christian charitable giving (to churches, Christian mission, relief, etc), we do not support payments to secular beneficiaries. We do not discourage such donations, we simply want to use our resources to meet our stated aims.

How do I give anonymously?
For regular payments (or even one-off gifts) let us know who, how much and how often, and we'll ensure that the recipient cannot identify the origin of the gifts. We can also produce a charity voucher book without donor details if you intend most of your giving to be anonymous.